Bikaji Dry Petha 350gm


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Bikaji's Petha is a luxurious, translucent boiled sugar confectionery infused with the flavors of winter melon. Petha is simultaneously a beloved children's treat and an opulent welcoming sweet for cherished guests.

Petha is a popular Indian sweet. It is soft chewy and candy-like, eaten dry or dipped in sugar syrup. Bikaji Dry Petha is a delightful and tasty sweet made of white pumpkin pieces coated in sugar. Dry petha is a traditional Indian sweet made from the delightful taste of sweet pumpkin. 

  • Traditional sweet made with pumpkin soaked in sugar.
  • It has zero cholesterol
  • It has no onion and garlic
  • You can gift this petha pack in festive seasons

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