Haldiram's Phulka Roti 12pcs (360g )

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Haldiram's Phulka Roti 12pcs (360g )

Chapati or roti is a staple food in India. For any complete meal, you need roti in taste or health-wise both. This is whole wheat flatbread plain bread, ready to use. Just warm for 20 to 30 seconds. Roll with pickles, sauce, or eat with curry or veggies. Roti is all time needed when you need complete protein to the body. 

Welling Green Grocer presents Haldiram'S Phulka Roti 360G. We focus on delivering quality with an affordable price of Indian beans, lentils, pulses, and fresh vegetables to the Indian families settled here. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food and fresh natural fruits. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery store.

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