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Curry masala for karahi chicken is an Indian spice mix that makes cooking one's own karahi chicken at home easy and effortless. Containing a mix of spices like coriander, turmeric, nutmeg, and ginger MDH's masala seasoning offers any home cook a strong base that can be used to create dishes sure to impress. A popular dish in Northern India, karahi chicken is known for its spicy taste. Both easy to prepare and delicious, this Indian dish has become increasingly popular in recent years.Pairing well with naan, roti, or rice use this spice blend to make karahi chicken for a hearty meal with some kick! to make Karahi chicken:
1. in a deep pan heat 2 oz. of cooking oil and fry 5 oz. of chopped onions until translucent.
2. Add 18 oz. of chicken pieces and about 1 _ tbsp. of Karahi chicken masala; fry for 10 min. until tender.
3. Add two cups of water and cover; cook for 20 min. until they are soft and tender leaving _ cup of stock.
4. add julienned peppers and 2 oz. of tomato; stir and fry for 5 min.MDH's blended spices are a class apart. Each blend has been specially formulated to impart a genuine taste to various Indian food preparations. Decades of research have gone into preparing these blends needed in specific and classical Indian dishes.

  • Ingredients: Coriander, red chilli, turmeric, salt, cumin powder, dried garlic, fenugreek leaves, dried ginger, black pepper, dried onion, nigella, fenugreek seeds, cassia, nutmeg, cloves, mace. Contains mustard.
  • Facts: Product of India

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